Sunday, 20 September 2015

My amazing day at the Botanical Gardens!
Wow I went to the Botanical gardens yesterday. First I went to school. I needed to organize myself by putting the drink bottle and my lunch in the box. Then I got a sticker with my name on. After that Miss Ramsay did the roll. Then we went on the bus I sat with Keeley. It was noisy! When we got off the bus I had morning tea. Next I went to the herb garden. I was in Nicole’s mum’s group with Keeley. Nicole and Robert and I smelt some flowers in the herb garden. Then me and my group went to the potter’s children’s garden. There was a fake pooing pigeon and a jungle with steam, there was also a pump I had a turn at pumping it. I went over the troll bridge I heard the sound of water after a while it started raining. I went inside to have lunch. Next me and my group went to the Edible garden. It was like a maze, and I even saw worms and green bananas and other plants too.  After that my whole class planted seeds in a yogurt container, the hole needed to be two centre metres deep, otherwise the stem wouldn’t come up. Meredith gave us some gloves to put on because we were going to do some gardening. First we needed to get a plant. Then we needed to get a spade to dig a hole and put the plant in. We also needed to get some sheep pooh to put in. Did you know every fruit or vegetable we eat grows from a kind of pooh. Next we put the plant in the hole and covered the hole with dirt. After that we had some jobs to do like sweeping the dirt into piles I did the sweeping. Then we went inside a class room we sat in a circle and were split into groups. Everyone in my group had a piece of food in their hand, we needed to put them on the right plate on the plates were written seed, leaf, root, and fruit. Next we had another thing to do we had to put the plant with what the plant makes in a bag. After we had done that we went back on the bus and back to school. The Botanical gardens was very fun I want to go again.

By Grace

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