Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Exciting Day                                          
Wow! Do you know where we went yesterday? We went to the Botanical Gardens. First we got organised at school. We put our lunch and drink bottles in a box. Then we got our name tags on and rain coats on. After that we went on the bus. I sat next to Jerry. When we were there we ate our morning tea. When we finished our morning tea we had a walk around. I was with Aarav’s dad, Jerry, Aarav and Neerav. When we walked around we saw lots of plants. Then we looked at the Potter’s Children’s Garden. When we were there I saw lots plants that smelled nice. Next we had lunch because it was raining. After that we went to the Edible Garden. When I was there I saw a worm farm. I also saw a banana tree the banana was green. After that we planted our our own seeds. We also planted a plant outside. Then we watered it with a watering can. When we finished some of us were doing sweeping and some of us were digging. When we finished we went to the classroom to learn about where plants came from. Meredith said if they have seeds inside then they are a fruit. We didn’t even know that! After that we went back to school. I had lots of fun at there!

By Ian


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