Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Trip!
Wow! Did you know room 13, 11, 24, and 21 went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday because we are learning about plants. First we needed to be organised  and we put on our rain jackets because we didn’t know if it was going to rain when we got there, then we got our  name tags from Miss Ramsay and we put our lunches in a blue box. We did the same with our drink bottles, but in a different box. Then we got on the bus. There were so many people, we had two buses! Both of them were Howick and Eastern buses. When we got there we had morning tea already! I thought we were going to eat morning tea after we had explored a little! I was with Neerav, Ian, and Aarav and Aarav’s Dad because I was in their group. Then we had a walk around. Did you know a flower was really soft! Then we went into the Jungle. At the top was some water and sometimes it squirts out water when and it makes a noise like a Ferry. That was my favourite part. Then it started raining so we went back to the courtyard to have our lunch. I had chicken bread. It was yum! After lunch we went with Meredith to plant a bean seed. We got a yoghurt container and planted the bean seed in it. Then we put some soil in the yoghurt container and made the soil really tight. Next we poked our pinky in the soil and put in the bean seed. We patted the yoghurt container so the bean seed was covered with soil. Meredith gave us a fully grown plant of a bean seed. We took a shovel to help us and put our fist into the soil and then we dug up the soil. After that we got three sheep poo pellets and put them in the hole we had made. We squeezed the container, and held the plants stem with a “v” shape upside down and put the plant in the soil. Then we watered it. It was so much fun! Last of all we went into the classroom and Meredith showed us a plant puzzle. I learnt that plants need animal poo to grow. It was so much fun that I wish I could go again!

By Jerry

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