Sunday, 20 September 2015

Room11 trip to the the Botanical Gardens      
Have you ever been to the Botanical Gardens? I have! When I got to school I got organised myself. I put on my rain jacket, lunch in the box, drink bottle away and my name tag on. After that we walked to the bus. We got on the bus with partners. Next we had to find our seats. The bus went zoom! zoom! zoom! It was a long drive. When we got to the Botanical Gardens we had our morning tea. Next we went to the Herb Garden. At the Herb Garden there was a soft plant wich felt like a lion’s ear. In my group there was Una, Quinn, Chadd and me. At the Herb Garden there were lots of things. There was a radio thing that made noises. There were beautiful red lovely flowers and a pink flower. Next we met at the picnic place. After we went  to the Edible Garden. There was lots of eating things at the Edible Garden like lettuce, salad, tomatoes and some flowers. At the Edible garden there was lots of buzzing silly bees getting pollen to make honey. We had to walk in the gooey, sticky, yucky mud. There was a tunnel and it was squirting water on me. My dad showed us a plant growing in a rock. There was a big gigantic, huge, large cactus. It was prickly. There was a maze. After that we went to the pump everyone was pumping like the people in the old days. It was funny. Miss Ramsay our teacher took photos of us in the silly egg. Next Meredith our self guided tutor took us to a messy shed. She told us that we were going to make a plant. First we took a yoghurt pot. Then we put our name on the sticky name tag. Next we took some dirt and pushed it down. We had to water our plants at school. After we planted our own seeds but this time we watered it. Then we swept the floor. After that we went back to school. It was a fun trip!
By Kamyra

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