Sunday, 13 September 2015

Our  fabulous trip to the Botanical gardens.
Guess what! Room 11,21,13 and 24 went to the Botanical Gardens, first I went to school to get organised. We needed to put our lunch in a box, put our drink bottle in a box too, and finally get our name tags. Then Miss Ramsay did the roll. Everyone was here. After that Miss Ramsay quickly told us our groups. I was in Shiloh’s group. I was with Shiloh, Shiloh’s mum, Joshua, and Liam. Then we hopped on the bus. Next we ate morning tea. I had cheese and crackers, grapes and shapes. The grapes were green like grass. After morning tea Meredith and Paul introduced themselves. Meredith is a pretty woman. Next Meredith took Room 24 and 13 to a little room. The rest of us got to look around. First our group went to the pretty herb garden. We saw lots of pretty flowers. I don’t know which garden the soft plant was in. Then we went to the edible garden. I smelt a lot of veges. The vegetables smelt as strong as a carrot. But then it started raining! So we went back to where we had morning tea. Just then Mrs Rinckes thought of a brilliant idea. She suggested we eat lunch first. I had a little croissant thing and some yummy grapes. After lunch we went to the edible garden again. We saw some lettuce and thyme and I forgot the rest of it. After that we went to the potters children garden. There was a cactus, and a Jungle with water sprays in it. I think I might go to the Botanical Gardens again!

By Mia

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